Weekly ramblings week 1

So to start off this will be a weekly post i will be trying to keep up with. Mostly i am am doing this to get my thoughts out and to possibly share insight about illustration as a career as I learn. I’ll often be giving my thoughts on assignments for classes, my ideas for them and why i chose these ideas.

A topic currently heavy on my mind is the difference between being inspired by something and influenced by something. Inspiration being something that perhaps sparks a desire to create or envokes a certain mood in me. This is completely different from an influence a few of my largest being artists such as James Jean, Kim Jung Gi, and Tran Nguyen, to name only a few. An influencer being someone that inspires you but also directly influences changes in your style.

Another interesting point i often see is either artists directly copying another and not giving proper credits or the false belief that looking at artists work had to be copying their style. Something to consider as an artist or with any influence in general think to yourself i love this why did they do it in this way? What other elements in this piece influenced this decision? For example you may love the colors but not understand the theory behind them. This is the proper way to reach a unique style without thinking to much about it, it will come naturally.
For illustrators something to consider that occured on a story illustration project is how your style directly will influence the age group of stories you illustrate the more realistic in style the illustration is the older the audience should be.

Recently talking to my career advisor i am currently looking into book publishers i am interested in working with some being my dream jobs to some being so so but i would still do this. Keeping a spread sheet with the importance of the company and who you have contacted and when is a great way to stay organized and efficient. I am currently looking also towards self publishing authors to build up work experience and at the same time potential portfolio work. A few insights to getting started in a new creative field.

I may publish blog posts more than once a week or less if i do not find the time but i think this will help me organize my thoughts and potentially spark interesting thoughts in the reader or perhaps just give those curious more inside into my day to day life as i often am a bit closed off. Have a great week and hopefully will be back next week with more thoughts.

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