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27 09 2019
Weekly ramblings week 1

So to start off this will be a weekly post I will be trying to keep up with. Mostly I am doing this to get my thoughts out and to possibly share insight about illustration as a career as I learn. I'll often be giving my thoughts on assignments for classes, my ideas for them...

27 03 2018
Creative Drawing Exercise

So here's a great warmup exercise you can do every day to improve Draw a caricature of yourself Recall actions, emotions you had this last week Draw them It's okay to be sloppy and quick Don't think too hard Every morning fill up 3 pages This is a great exercise when you feel an artistic...

18 03 2018
Getting started with oil painting (Supplies)

This blog post will cover everything a beginner would need to start oil painting. There are literally hundreds of oil colors available but in truth, you need around 5 to mix almost any color you can think of. Various flat medium range brushes 10-15 my personal recommendation would be Grumbacher bristlette brushes. While many will purchase lots of different kinds...

11 01 2018

Ill do a step by step post with pictures when i finish tomorrow. 

10 01 2018
09 01 2018
08 01 2018
Sierra Boggess Portrait

This will be a portrait of Sierra Boggess best known for her role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera. Will be updating this post with step by step photos and giving my thoughts on the piece.